Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Incentive 'open for applications'   (12-11-2012)

The Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Incentive (NIRHI) is a scheme run by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) that provides financial support to non-domestic renewable heat generators who are based in Northern Ireland.

The primary objective for the RHI is to increase the uptake of renewable heat to 10% by 2020. The 10% target for renewable heat equates to 1.6TWh (or an additional 1.3 TWh when considering existing levels). This target was included in the Strategic Energy Framework and an interim target of 4% renewable heat by 2015 has been included in the Programme for Government.

In addition to achieving the set target, it is expected that the RHI will have a number of other wider benefits in terms of fuel security, lower emissions and ‘green jobs’.

The RHI provides financial support for renewable heat technologies for the lifetime of the installation (to a maximum of 20 years). Payments will be made on a quarterly basis and determined by the actual heat output of the system therefore heat meters will be required for each installation.

The levels of tariff for biomass boilers are shown below  (please note that these differ to the RHI currently available in England, Wales and Scotland)

This applies to installations using solid biomass; municipal solid waste (including combined heat and power).

Please email for further information.

Size rangeNI RHI tariff (pence per kWh)Length of tariff
Less than 20kWth 6.2 20 years
20kWth and above, up to but not including 100kWth 5.9 20 years
100kWth and above, up to but not including 1000kWth 1.5

20 years